​​Supporting locally-driven economic resilience in
New Mexico's rural and underserved communities.

  1. Generation Ag: Mora
    Generation Ag: Mora
    In 2015, the Resilient Communities Fund awarded seed funding for this pilot program in which youth ages 14 to 20 worked alongside local farmers, earning pay while learning farming practices and entrepreneurial skills.
  2. Brewpub Business Plan: Lovington
    Brewpub Business Plan: Lovington
    With funding assistance from the Resilient Communities Fund, Lovington MainStreet developed a business plan for a brewery in downtown Lovington. Research, community engagement, and planning resulted in the demonstration of need for such a business, which is set to open in 2017!
  3. Spirit of Columbus Park
    Spirit of Columbus Park
    A 2014 Resilient Communities Fund grant enabled the completion of improvements at the Spirit of Columbus Park in Columbus, NM. The project included seating, lighting, landscaping, and rebuilding of the park gazebo.
  4. Pocket Park: Deming
    Pocket Park: Deming
    In 2014, Deming MainStreet utilized a Resilient Communities Fund grant to complete the Downtown Pocket Park in the Deming MainStreet District. The project included electrical and irrigation improvements, pavers, installation of a Mimbres-motif ceramic pot fountain, park benches, landscaping, and a mural.